In the early 1990s Metal Clay was developed in Japan  and soon found its way to the United States in the mid 1990s. Two brands of Metal Clay exist, PMC or precious metal clay is Mitsubishi Materials Corporation product and Aida Chemical Industries produce Art Clay.  Metal clay silver is composed of microscopic particles of silver which are obtained by recycling metal from items such as computer equipment and photographic supplies.  Then an organic binder and water are added to form the clay like material. In this form it can be manipulated just like other clay mediums.Once the piece is formed it is put through the sintering process to eliminate the organic binder and water leaving a .999 fine silver work of art.  The sintering process can be achieved through several firing options, butane torch, hot pot or electric kiln.

Care SuggestionsApply makeup, hair spray and perfume before putting on your jewelryAfter each wearing, wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove make up and skin oils  Do not wear in a swimming pool or hot tub. Chlorine can damage various gemstones, metals including gold and remove patinaKeep away from chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlightStorageStore separately so each piece doesn't scratch the otherStore in zip lock plastic bags in a dry cool place away from prolonged sun exposure (it can damage gemstones)*the higher the humidity the faster the silver will tarnish, you can also add no-tarnish strips to the plastic bags to help reduce the tarnishing process…replace every 3 to 6 months

Cleaning tipscleaned using a soft clean cloth, preferably 100% cotton. A clean old T-shirt is perfect.Warm soapy water (mild dish detergent) can also be used but be careful with certain gemstones. Some can lose their polished finish. If you are not certain, act on the side of caution and only wipe with a soft cloth. Pat dry with a clean cloth.Jewelry polishing cloths: Use lightly to restore luster, however be careful not to remove accent patina
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What is Metal Clay?
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What is Metal Clay
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