You could say that Nature's beauty has always been a catalyst for my creativity thru childhood until my present day life.  Countless days spent exploring the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay enjoying the sound, smell and beauty of the water carried me through my youth.Fortunate enough to have a family filled with fine craftsmen, they embodied the idea that anything you could imagine could be brought to life.  They encouraged the creative being, and this has truly been an incredible impact to me.With this foundation I found myself drawn to the great artists and craftsmen of history throughout the world.  During the pursuit of those interests I received my degree in Art History nd Archaeology from the University of Maryland.  After graduation life took me in a different direction. Working in the retail and hospitality world for many years, art was never far from my mind nor my everyday life.  My art became my escape from day to day stresses and an avenue of peace for me.
 With time not only did my career world widen, but also my geographical world.  Soon I  married and moved away from all that was familiar, and was able to explore other living environments.  Enjoying the great valleys and mountain vistas of Pennsylvania and the clear warm waters and spectacular sunsets of the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast these new locations were an incredible experience.  After the birth of our son, my husband and I decided to start a new chapter of our lives in the North Carolina Mountains outside of Asheville.   Now the seasons have returned and living surrounded by National Forest, majestic mountains and countless waterfalls...nature continues to nurture my creativity. Being a very tactile oriented person, clay has always been a medium that has captivated my attention and with my discovery of Metal Clay it was fate I would fall in love with its versatility.  Thru the process of becoming a Certified Precious Metal Clay Artisan (Level I, II, and III) this love increased. In addition to these methods I have added traditional silversmithing techniques.

It was said to me once, "Life is the sum total of its experiences" and I believe my work is a true reflection of that.  The art I create is directly linked to the influences I have had throughout my life and like my life is continually evolving.  I hope that others can enjoy the journey along with me as I expand my horizons.  Jewelry creation has led itself to me as a new medium for wearable expressions of possibilities and now as a stay at home Mom or "domestic engineer" as I fondly call myself, I am finally able to start a career doing what I love...creating tangible expressions of my imagination.  In a time when technology soars one must remember that it was individuals thinking outside the proverbial box that created that technology, yes created through their own imagination an art in it's own right.  Webster defines art as, "the conscious use of skill and creative imagination", I hope that great artists and craftsmen continue to encourage the expansion of the human mind and we never forget to nurture our talent.
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